Our Services

Therapeutic Activities:

We treat children with various integrated therapeutic exercises including:

  • Behavioral based conditioning
  • Transitional schedules
  • Visual attention processing
  • Adaptive equipment training and  modification
  • Bilateral coordination and integration
  • Reflex integration  
  • Astronaut board program 
  • Brushing and joint compression 
  • Sensory obstacle courses
  • Tactile defensiveness protocols 

Home Programs:

We can help organize, instruct, and revise individualized home programs which include:

  • Visual picture schedules
  • Sensory diets
  • Dressing and feeding methods
  • Upper body and core strengthening exercises 
  • Handwriting activities and handouts

Caregiver trainings:

We can help collaborate with your family, caregivers and fellow service providers to increase parent education and training to support gains made over therapeutic sessions.  We are happy to come to your school or to your home to teach your child’s home program to any and all care providers.

Life Skills:

Self-care: How your child is able to complete daily activities of life.

  • Getting dressed
  • Washing face
  • Brushing hair
  • Feeding themselves
  • Meal preparation 

Sensory Processing: How your child interprets and reacts to all 7 senses: hearing, sight, taste, smell,  touch (tactile), vestibular, and proprioception. 

  • Ability to tolerate loud noises
  • Copying down written instructions on the blackboard
  • Eating various textures of food
  • Engaging in messy play
  • Spinning around without getting overly dizzy
  • Permitting a family member to hug them

Fine Motor: How your child can use their hands and fingers to complete coordinated and precise movements.

  • Hold a pencil
  • Use a button or zipper clothing
  • Eat using a spoon or fork
  • Build a block tower
  • Cut a straight line
  • Draw and copy various shapes and letters

Visual Perceptual: How your child is able to interpret visual information regarding, sizing, shape, directionality and order. 

  • Completing a puzzle 
  • Copying a number or lettered pattern
  • Playing “I Spy”
  • Duplicating a block design


  • We treat children with a variety of diagnoses including:
    • ADD
    • ADHD
    • Autism 
    • Down’s Syndrome
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Asperger’s syndrome
    • Sensory Processing Disorder
    • ODD
    • Pervasive Developmental Delay